Lake County Supported Living

Our Lake County program serves individuals in homes ranging from Mentor to Painesville. One of the homes is a specially designed accessible ranch home where the individuals are becoming increasingly more independent as they learn to cook, shop, clean and manage their money. Another site consists of a condominium where three individuals receive the support they need to meet their health and safety needs in a community–based setting. A third site is a consortium where we work collaboratively with the parents and the individuals to ensure that they receive the services needed and desired. All of the individuals are very active in their communities, using community–based services for medical care as well as shopping and recreation. Our guiding philosophy is that we have been invited into individuals’ homes to work for them and their families.

HELP Foundation Residential Services Provides:

  • Safe and appropriate housing
  • Recreation opportunities
  • Nursing & medical services
  • Money management
  • Job support
  • Social activities
  • Transportation assistance
  • Exercise & fitness

We Will:

  • Help you budget for food, clothing and other expenses
  • Help you shop and plan your menu
  • Explain your rights and help you protect them