Accounting and Financial Services

The Accounting Department provides several services to Foundation clients. Most notable of these are: Payeeship, Assisting with the Medicaid Application Process & Redetermination, and for clients residing in one of our HUD financed facilities, HUD Certification & Recertification.


For clients not capable of handling their own finances, the Agency will act as the client’s payee, ensuring that the client’s rent, utilities, medical insurance and other routine monthly bills are paid timely. Clients will also receive a monthly check that conforms to their case manager approved budget. With direct care staff assistance, clients are encouraged to spend their personal funds in accordance with their monthly needs.

Medicaid Application

The Agency Benefits Coordinator will assist in this process by gathering the required documentation and attending the meeting with the Dept. of Human Services (ODJFS). The coordinator will also assist in the annual redetermination process.

HUD Certification

For clients applying for residence in one of our HUD financed facilities, the Benefits Coordinator will assist in gathering the required HUD data for eligibility determination. The coordinator will also facilitate any redeterminations necessitated by any changes, and will assist in the annual HUD recertification process.